k3 faqs

Q. How can I stop water gathering on my flat roof?

A. Water 'ponding' is avoided by building in a slight fall (slope) into your new roof to run off water into the gutters. Your old roof is most likely covered in stone chippings, moss and lichen - which all encourage ponding anyway. There are no stones with K3 fibreglass and it doesn't attract moss or lichen. Even with your new fibreglass you may see some ponding but don't worry, fibreglass is totally impervious to water.

Q. What colours and finishes does it come in?

A. K3 Fibreglass comes in a variety of colours. Most popular colours are the darker greys but it is also available in light grey, lead green or brown. Consolidated mineral finishes such as quartz are also available as an option. Also if you have a period or Victorian / Georgian style property then Polyroof lead roll effect can look striking on porches or conservatory roofs.

Q. Can I walk on it or use it on a balcony?

A. Yes. K3 fibreglass provides a tough, durable surface that takes normal foot traffic. It makes an attractive, easily cleaned and 100% waterproof finish for balconies, terraces or walkways, and can be given an anti-slip finish.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. It's a lot cheaper than you would expect. Call us for a quote!

Q. How long does it last?

A. Guaranteed for twenty years.

Q. How long will the job take it take?

A. Usually applied in one day.