We are a leading fibreglass roofing installers in Liverpool and all over the UK with many years experience. Due to the shortcomings of felted roofing systems we have moved into fibreglass systems for flat roofing in Liverpool and across the UK. Whether it is a straightforward garage roof or an intricate garden roof, our system is for you. All our roof systems carry an insured guarantee for twenty years.

We are also leading installers of systems for the comercial market from the smallest to the largest. The system is approved by local authorities and public bodies throughout the country.

Insurance Backed Guarantee

k3 fibreglass case study

Using high quality polyester resins, the GRP flat roof is constructed in-situ on new timber decking or other approved suitable substrates. It incorporates specially designed and manufactured edge trims and is finished with a high performance coloured polyester topcoat.

Once we've installed it will give a trouble-free weatherproof service compared to an average life expectancy of bitumen based materials. The cost benefits of such a long life system, together with the associated potential increase in property resale values are obvious.